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Location Sound


Sound Devices 633 Mixer & Recorder
Sound Devices MixPre10T Mixer & Recorder


Sanken CS-3e Shotgun Mic
Sennheiser MKH-416 Shotgun Mic (x2)

Sennheiser MKH-50 Hypercardioid Mic (x2)
Schoeps CMC6 Cardioid Mic
Sanken CS-1e Short Shotgun Mic
Rycote Modular 3 Windscreen Kit (x2)

Ambient QX580 11' Boompole

Ambient QXS550 6' Short Boompole

Ambient 17' Boompole


Lectrosonics 400 Series Wireless Receivers (x5)

Lectrosonics SRC Dual Receiver (x1)
Lectrosonics Transmitters (SM, LT, UH/UM400) 
Sennheiser G2/G3 Wireless System
(Mono Wireless Feed to Camera x2)
Sennheiser G3 IEM/IFB (Comtek x7)
Sanken COS-11 Lavalier Mics (x7)

DPA 6060 Lavalier Mics (x2)
Countrymen B6 Lavalier Mic (x2)

TentacleSync Timecode Syncboxes (x4)
Denecke SB-3 Timecode Syncbox

Denecke TSC Timecode Smart Slate 

PSC RF Multi + Dipole & Shark-fin Antennas 

IDX Lithium Batteries (x7)
iPower 9v (x16)
KTECH Audiobags/Harness
Sennheiser HD-25 mk II Headphones (x3)
ZOOM H1 Stereo Recorder (Ambiences)
XLR, 3.5mm, LEMO & Break-out cables

Sound Devices 744T
(4 Track Multi-track Timecode Recorder)

Post Production
& Music Composition


Macbook Pro Laptop

iMac Retina i7 


Yamaha HS-50/HS-7 Monitors
Universal Audio Apollo Interface


Pro Tools 
Logic Pro X/Ableton Live 11
Izotope RX Audio Restoration Suite

SFX & Ambience Libraries 
3rd party plug-ins & instruments

(e.g. UAD-2, East West, Waves, Arturia, Kontakt)


Ludwig Breakbeats Acoustic Drums
Ableton Push 1 Control Surface
Roland A-49 Midi Keyboard 
Electric, Acoustic & Classical Guitars

Assortment of Acoustic and Electronic Instruments

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